Our Approach

We practice with one principle in mind:  what is your goal?  Our job is to work quickly, cooperatively and effectively to achieve your goal.

Our approach stems from an understanding of what clients have and what they need.  

That is what we do.

If we can help you avoid litigation in the first place, or solve an impending problem quickly, and this was your goal, this is a victory. 

At the same time, we understand that we don’t have the corner on wisdom.  We don’t pretend to be experts in everything; nobody is.  But our expertise in solving problems, negotiating, developing creative strategies and tackling complex litigation deliver results.

We know how to listen to our clients.  

Our clients tell us that, too often, law firms mistake their role as telling the client “we will take it from here.”  That is not our approach.  We are partners in this endeavor.  You know the matter – and the costs and benefits – better than anyone. 

We are not in the business of telling you how it is; instead we ask the right questions and then listen to your answers, so that together we can achieve your goals.

We know how to simplify and strategize.  

We focus on results.  At the end of the day, litigation is about taking complex issues and presenting them in a straightforward and compelling way.  We are in the business of persuasion.  This not only requires extensive experience but also sound judgment and an ability to connect with and persuade people.

We know how to find the answers.

Success in complex commercial disputes requires a mastery of the facts, a deep understanding of the law, and the ability to recognize when specialized knowledge will make the difference.  We have trusted relationships across the legal and business worlds and in Government.  We understand when and how to bring on other experts to give our clients the edge.

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