We are proud of the outstanding results we have consistently achieved for our clients.  Below are a few illustrative examples.

Toe-to-Toe with the Toughest Firms in the Biggest Cases

Stein Mitchell has a proven track record of successful results in the biggest cases, against the toughest opponents. 

We were lead trial counsel defending one of the largest privately held companies in America in a construction arbitration brought by a Fortune 100 energy company.  The claimant, represented by a high-profile litigation firm known for its trial prowess, sought more than $2 billion in damages.  

Stein Mitchell successfully persuaded the arbitration panel to entertain dispositive motions and then secured dismissal of several key claims.  During an accelerated six-month discovery period, Stein Mitchell distilled the key evidence from seven million documents, took and defended 40 depositions, and conducted extensive and complex expert discovery.  After a more than three-week trial, the panel issued a unanimous and complete defense award for our client.

"Legendary as the small firm that takes on big cases."  


  • Repeated Victories Against America’s Largest Pharmacies On Behalf of Customers

We have represented individuals in multi-year lawsuits against two Fortune 50 pharmacy chains—Walgreens and CVS—both represented by preeminent big law firms.  In the whistleblower suit against Walgreens, Stein Mitchell persuaded the federal government to intervene—a first in this type of case—and played a critical role in intense settlement negotiations that resulted in a $110 million False Claims Act settlement, one of the largest ever against a pharmacy.  In the consumer suit against CVS, we defeated motions to dismiss; secured key appellate wins before the Ninth Circuit; and obtained certification of multiple state classes seeking hundreds of millions in damages.  The case is slated for trial.

  • Exposing A Swiss Bank’s $2.8 Billion Fraud

Stein Mitchell successfully represented an anonymous whistleblower that exposed a $2.8 billion hidden civil and criminal tax and securities fraud and who obtained significant rewards under IRS and SEC whistleblower programs.

Developing and Deploying Creative Strategies to Secure Decisive Victories

Success requires identifying—and exploiting—an opponent’s vulnerabilities. 

  • Turning the Tables And Securing Counterclaim Victory for a Private Equity Firm

We represented a private equity firm in an arbitration brought by its former CEO, who sought more than $30 million in alleged compensation.  Stein Mitchell doggedly pursued the return of the CEO’s work computer and persuaded the arbitration panel to order an inspection of the computer.  Using our sophisticated knowledge of computer forensics, we were able to determine that the former CEO had undertaken extensive deletion of data and files on the computer.  Working closely with a forensic consultant, we pieced together fragments of remaining information that painted a damning picture of an opponent who had engaged in significant theft of the company’s confidential and proprietary business information for his own purposes.  The former CEO agreed not only to abandon his claims, but also to pay a substantial sum to our client.

  • Stopped Plaintiff Dead in Its Tracks and Secured a Walk-Away

We also represented a pharmaceutical company that was sued by a competitor for unfair competition in a case seeking millions in alleged damages.  Pursuing internal government emails and other documents through FOIA requests, we obtained evidence showing that the government had grave reservations about the competitor’s product—evidence that would come out at trial as a key part of our client’s defense.  We were able to use this information to show the competitor that continuing the litigation would lead to devastating consequences for its business; the competitor walked away from the lawsuit without any payment from our client.

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