Our attorneys have advised clients and litigated a wide variety of antitrust issues in the federal courts and the Federal Trade Commission. We have experience with cases involving price-fixing, price discrimination under the Robinson-Patman Act, concerted refusals to deal, boycotts, monopolization, joint ventures, conspiracy, predatory conduct, mergers and acquisitions, horizontal and vertical restraints, franchises, false and deceptive advertising, Lanham Act claims, unfair trade practices, telemarketing practices, and credit and collection practices.

We take pride in our long track record of successfully advising clients about permissible competitive conduct involving joint ventures, pricing policies, volume discounts, advertising, sales practices, mergers and acquisitions, consumer contracts, trade association membership, exclusionary practices, and aggressive competition.



Clients whom Stein Mitchell Beato & Missner LLP has successfully defended from FTC investigations or prosecutions includes:

  • A nationwide association of new car dealers alleged to have conspired to block the importation of vehicles manufactured in Canada.
  • A radio station alleged to have monopolized mass media in North Dakota through a broad scheme of predatory conduct.
  • A group of South Dakota telecommunications providers who allegedly conspired to fix prices and exclude competitors.
  • A major supermarket chain alleged to have participated in a conspiracy to block a prescription drug plan for employees of the State of Maryland.
  • An association of new car dealers accused of conspiring to limit hours of operation.
  • The PGA Tour, whose high-profile, multi-year investigation by the FTC was shut down.
  • A trade show sponsor who was victimized by a boycott of rival importers of oriental rugs.
  • After-market car parts manufacturers whose merger (with combined market share of 50%) withstood a challenge by the FTC.


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