Our firm has a unique understanding of the many subtle differences among the congressional committees, their investigations, and the witnesses summoned to respond to their inquiries.

We treat these matters with a keen awareness of not only our clients’ potential legal exposure, but also their image and reputation. We approach each of these matters with sensitivity, as well as a focused effort to gather and analyze all relevant facts, and to assist clients who might be simultaneously confronted with parallel criminal and civil proceedings before courts and administrative agencies.

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Stein Mitchell Beato & Missner LLP has represented corporations and individuals in some of Congress’ most high-profile and probing investigations, such as:

  • Senior officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Senate Finance Committee’s investigation of the acquisition of Bear Stearns by J.P. Morgan Chase, and in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation of the acquisition of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America;
  • Cynthia Cooper, named one of Time Magazine’s three “Persons of the Year” in 2002, in the House Financial Services Committee’s investigation of WorldCom;
  • Corporate executives in the Global Crossing, Enron, and WorldCom investigations;
  • White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation regarding President Clinton’s impeachment;
  • Senator Bob Packwood in the Senate Ethics Committee investigation;
  • AFL-CIO officials in the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs’ investigation of campaign finance reform;
  • Ambassador Lewis Tambs in the Iran-Contra Investigation; and
  • Physicians and scientists in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s investigation of the National Institutes of Health.
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